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West Village - New York City “The perfect place to work!”

Our client is a writer from the the West Village looking for a working and living environment that did not have the technical look of a home office.  We transformed the client’s compact one bedroom apartment into an impressive residential statement. Walls were re-plastered, a wide plank pine floor with antique face nails was installed and the kitchen and bath were completely remodeled.  Custom shelving and cabinets added the final touch to this beautiful space. The entire remodel emphasizes the residential character of the space and thus provides the "perfect place to work!” 

The operable fireplace was fitted with carved stone mantle and custom mahogany cabinetry which presented the comfortable look of a residential apartment to make this room functions as the perfect writer’s studio. The lacquered hand finished mahogany shelving provides utilitarian storage for reference books while maintaining the look and feel of a library.


The tiny kitchen was completely remodeled.  Walls were moved and custom, lacquered, maple cabinetry was designed to maximize the available counter and wall space.  New flooring was installed to complement the cabinets. Professional equipment was installed to make this kitchen a world class place to prepare food making this kitchen excellent for entertaining dinner parties of all sizes.


This bathroom was completely remodeled. Walls and flooring were replaced with stronger more durable material to support additional weight of the custom slate tile.  The apron of the tub was tiled to expand the appearance of the room.  A custom medicine cabinet was designed and built by DMC Contractors craftsman in our own workshops.  Truly a masterpiece that provides beauty in a utilitarian space.


All woodworking provided by DMC Professional Contractors is hand crafted and installed by our artisans. The rich detail of wood rivals no other material; the material provides cabinets and bookcases that enhances the warmth of residential projects. This is a relaxing space that offers a highly functional work area.  The wood used here in the detail to the right is mahogany.

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